Angel Care Team Provides Friendly Companionship For Your Loved Ones

We know that you may not be able to devote all the time you’d like to your loved one. That’s where Angel Care Team can step in. In addition to the myriad of professional medical services we can provide, Angel Care Team happily offers companion care to those in our charge. Clients in University Park, Highland Park, and nearby North Texas communities can enjoy the comfort of having a friendly companion to spend time with.

What Does Friendly Companionship Include?

Friendly companionship is exactly what it sounds like – thoughtful and compassionate friendship for our clients. We’ll be attentive to match your loved one’s personality to a loving Angel Care Team caregiver so that they’ll be able to hit it off greatly. Your relative’s needs and tastes will be truly compatible with our dedicated team members. Angel Care Team companions can help your loved one spend time however they’d like, including:

• Visits to friendsPrivate Home Health Care Frisco TX
• Attending social events
• Gardening or other hobbies
• Writing letters
• Playing board games
• Completing puzzles
• Reading together
• Going shopping
• Visiting fun places (museums, stores, restaurants)

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It all depends on what our client wants to do and how they enjoy spending time. The best thing about companionship with Angel Care Team is that your loved one will appreciate the social opportunities that arise from this friendship. Our goal is always to look out for our clients and maintain their dignity and independence. There’s no set schedule for companionship care. Every interaction is set at the pace which clients find to be the most comfortable.

What If My Loved One is Home-bound?

If your beloved family member is restrained to the home, that’s okay! We’re happy to provide everything our clients need in the house as well. We can play games, watch their favorite movies, and do many of the activities listed above. Social engagement is critical to all people, and especially so to persons who need to stay at home. Angel Care Team companionship gives our clients the necessary outlet they need to enjoy everyday social interactions. Do what’s best for your relative by ensuring they have every opportunity for socialization and companionship.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about the services provided by Angel Care Team, including companionship care in University Park and Highland Park TX. We look forward to meeting you and your family member, as well as building a satisfying friendship together.

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