Impaired Mobility Assistance

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Mobility is difficult enough without the added stress of physical impairment, which is why Angel Care Team is ready to provide the support you and your family need with impaired mobility assistance. Our knowledgeable staff of professionals is ready to provide quality home medical care to those who need assistance. Call us today to learn more about impaired mobility assistance in University Park and Highland Park, TX for your individual situation. We’ll be happy to recommend only the services you need as we look out for your best interests.

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Help with Getting to Medical Appointments, Social Engagements & More!

Impaired mobility assistance is a very broad term that encompasses everything from crutches to wheelchairs. People who need assistive devices such as these vary greatly as well! Angel Care Team understands that everyone is unique, and whether you may need impaired mobility assistance for a temporary problem like a broken leg or long-term help with a medical condition, Angel Care Team is here for you.

Our experts can provide guidance as you adjust to life with the ease impaired mobility assistance brings. We give pointers on mobility assistance travel, as well as teach you how to utilize your assistive device. The sensitive members of Angel Care Team understand the emotional and physical toll this takes for our clients. We’re here to offer emotional support as you adjust to this unfamiliar path.

Impaired mobility assistance includes help with a decrease in vision or complete vision loss as well. The staff at Angel Care Team can provide a helping hand with medical escort services to and from a doctor’s office or the grocery store and even by assisting you or your loved one memorize vital steps around the home. We truly care about the well-being of our clients and are here to offer assistance however we can.

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Contact Angel Care Team today for more information on impaired mobility assistance in Dallas, University Park and Highland Park, TX. Our caring and trained staff is prepared to answer your questions and arrange an appointment in the comfort of your own home with a compassionate caretaker. Whether you’re looking for assistance for a family member or yourself, Angel Care Team is ready to meet your needs and provide the highest quality care that we can.

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