Highland Park & University Park Incontinent Care

Medical problems can arise in a variety of ways and sometimes, these problems can be embarrassing. The compassionate individuals who make up the Angel Care Team understand the medical reasons behind these issues. One such concerning problem is incontinence. Our thoughtful team members are ready to help our Highland Park and University Park clients deal with or overcome incontinence and the associated troubles.

Don’t be ashamed about calling us for help with an incontinent family member or if you yourself are having problems with incontinence. Seeking help is the first and hardest step to overcome for incontinent care.

What is Incontinence Care?

To begin, incontinence is a medical condition that affects the ability to control the bladder or bowels. This can result in little to mild discharges to complete evacuation of the affected organs. There are a variety of different reasons why someone have incontinence issues, but the result is still the same – emotional turmoil over how to cope.

Too often, people with incontinence may feel the need to cover it up and hide the problem altogether. Others may not realize that their friends and family members suspect what’s going on but don’t want to mention it to the person living with incontinence as to not embarrass them. After all, the bathroom is a personal space that nobody feels comfortable discussing. Either way – the problem is avoided rather than directly addressed. That’s where incontinence care with Angel Care Team comes in.

Incontinence care varies greatly. Our first recommendation will be that your family member sees a specialist. The doctor may be able to identify the medical reason for this problem and recommend a permanent solution, such as corrective surgery, or who may be able to instruct on the best way to adjust to living with incontinence. Some of these options could include:

  • Adult Underwear
  • Catheter
  • Bedpan
  • Bedside Commode

And more. We know that everyone is different, which means that needs and preferences differ. The staff of Angel Care Team wants to find the most harmonious solution for our clients, so we’ll take the time to learn what works and what doesn’t. With our dedication and expertise at treating incontinent care, clients can fully embrace life again.

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Our services also include laundry and housekeeping, so we have no problem helping with an incontinence mishap. We treat every client with the utmost dignity and respect, just like a family member of our own. Our team is ready to help our clients adjust to life with incontinence by providing incontinence care.

Call to speak with Angel Care Team and learn more about incontinence care in University Park and Highland Park, TX. Our skilled staff is ready to use our many services to preserve your loved one’s independence and self-confidence.