Pet Care Services in Dallas from Angel Care Team

It’s hard enough to take full care of yourself when you’re sick, recovering from a major illness or injury, or even caring for a relative. People often forget to attend to the needs of their furriest members of their families – their pets! Fortunately, Angel Care Team offers plenty of services to ensure that everyone in the household gets the care and attention that they deserve. Call Angel Care Team to schedule pet services with our dedicated team.

Our DFW Pet Services – What We Do

The trained and loving staff of Angel Care Team is ready to help where we can. We know that caring for a client is not limited to their health. In addition to looking out for the best interests of our clients’ physical and mental well-being, we extend that same dedication to our clients’ pets as well! The members of our team can help care for the needs of your pets and four-legged members of the house. Pet services from Angel Care Team include:

  • Feeding pet meals as normally scheduled
  • Refilling water bowls as needed
  • Taking pets on regular walks in the neighborhood
  • Cleaning up and disposing of waste on walks

Not to mention treating your pets with the same love and care that we would with our own. The goal of Angel Care Team is to treat out clients with dignity and respect in every aspect of our service. This same respect extends to their pets. After all, every life deserves a gentle and caring touch. We’re prepared to help the beloved pets of our clients as needed with our compassionate Dallas pet services.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation Today!

Ensure that your pet gets the attention and excellent treatment they deserve. Contact the Angel Care Team if you would like to schedule pet care services for your pet or for that of a loved one. Remember that our team is happy to look out for the best interests of your family, which most certainly includes gentle care and devotion to your fur-babies. Angel Care Team is ready to speak with you and answer all of your questions when you call today.

*Please note that waste removal and disposal (i.e. backyard scooping) is not included in pet services. The Angel Care Team member will dispose of animal waste during walks to adhere to local ordinance.